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about us

POLTRAF Sp. z o.o. develops and operates direct distribution centres for pharmaceuticals and related products. Over 100000 deliveries a month, over 180…

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consignment warehouses

We operate three consignment warehouses of medicinal products with over 14000 pallet spaces and 4000 shelf spaces...

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drugs distribution

Over 200 specialist vehicles for pharmaceutical transportation ensure the top quality transportation services compliant with…

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sales service

If you don’t have your own sales structures or you are preparing an extensive customer-focused project, entrust us with your sales service…

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Three years have passed since Poltraf implemented Iso-Therm Active medicine distribution network based on active thermoregulation and continuous monitoring of temperature in the cold delivery chain /…/

In Zielona Góra, new reloading chamber with surface of 250 m2 began operating from mid-January /…/

Consignment warehouse in Bielany is a modern logistics center. More than 1700 pallet holding positions were planned in it. The warehouse has five loading docks, two of which are equipped with /…/

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