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jakość POLTRAF


Consignment warehouse in Bielany is a modern logistics center. More than 1700 pallet holding positions were planned in it. The warehouse has five loading docks, two of which are equipped with specialized hydraulic ramps allowing for faster and safer execution of loading and unloading of goods. Proper insulation of the building allows for limiting energy loses, and thus for reducing the costs of maintenance of the warehouse. The facility is adopted for storage of medicines and dietary supplements. It has special separated zones for storage of hazardous materials such as ADR, narcotics and psychotropic drugs. Goods may be stored in standard conditions, i.e. in the temperature range from 15 to 25°C and in cold rooms where there are special conditions, from 2 to 8°C. Round the clock monitoring of humidity and temperature conditions is conducted in all Company's facilities.  Development of infrastructure is part of a long term strategy of Poltraf calculated to maintain the highest quality of the offered services. In March this year, the Company opened third consignment warehouse in Łódź and the next year planned is opening of further reloading chambers. At present, the Company's distribution network consists of three consignment warehouses, in Błonie, Łódź and Bielany and eleven reloading chambers throughout the country.

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