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jakość POLTRAF


Three years have passed since Poltraf implemented Iso-Therm Active medicine distribution network based on active thermoregulation and continuous monitoring of temperature in the cold delivery chain. The success of the project is documented by great statistics of maintenance of the storage and transport conditions, and thus safety of the distributed medicinal products. Number of the shipped goods increases. Next companies have been regularly joining the companies using the solution from the moment of its introduction. The system is under constant surveillance, we respond to the needs of the market and the development of new technologies so that ISO-THERM ACTIVE always provides the maximum available quality of pharma-logistic services on the market. At the beginning of the year, we completed the battery of 126 specialized reefers with 24 new devices: 19 containers of Iso-Therm Active 330 type and 3 of Iso-Therm Active 915 type.

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